Tuesday, February 27, 2018

How to Teach English Spelling

I used to think that if you learned a few rules for the exceptions, and memorized a few words that made no sense at all, English spelling wasn't that outlandish. Then I received this book to review. The author has 52 rules and 151 lists. And by my count some of the rules have sub-rules, like rule 20 for the suffix pronounced SHUN: tion, sion, ssion, tian, cian, cion, shion, xion, sian and cean. Because my computer often corrects me, I think my spelling has become impaired. I may be looking for a teacher who will give this one a good home after I finish it.


John J. Fulford, How to teach English spelling, Astoria Press, 2018.  ISBN 978-09963799-2-2, 125 p. PB, $15.95
He also has a title, “The complete guide to English spelling rules” 2012.
Fulford has lived and worked in several countries and has spent his life researching and perfecting English spelling rules while he taught grades K-12 through college, adult ed and ESL.

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