Saturday, January 5, 2013

Booknotes from 1983 and 1984

With the New Year, I've been repacking old notebooks and files, and came across a list of books I read in 1983--whether I actually owned them I don't remember--or least not most.

1983 (Summer)




Indecent obsession

Second Generation



Your Christian wedding (I was the church librarian and not only purchased the books but reviewed them for the newsletter)

When your kids have children

The masks of melancholy

Death of a Guru

Touchstones; letters between two women, 1953-1964 (I remember this was a gift from a friend)


An adopted woman by Katrina Maxtone-Graham. I drove to Cincinnati with a friend to hear her give a presentation at a department store. She was the mother-in-law of my assistant who was married to her daughter. He later had a sex change and became a woman. Interesting family. I think I did own this book.

Temptation (I assume this was something for the church library)

Our marvelous native tongue

Giving time a chance