Saturday, November 5, 2016

Transgenda; abuse and regret in the sex-change industry

The sex-change industry is a fraud, according to Alex P. Serritella.  They are hustlers in lab coats, peddling a product that doesn't exist.  There is no such thing as a sex change, but it is a billion-dollar industry.  You're being duped if you believe this.

Q.  What is the most shocking thing you discovered in researching the book?

A: The fact that child abuse is rampant in the sex-change industry. This is not a matter of “consenting adults only”, as people are led to believe. These are drastic, life-altering treatments done on children as young as nine. It sterilizes them for life and causes permanent damage to their bodies during crucial years of growth. Are children really capable of making such a huge decision? Obviously not. They will inevitably regret it, as most of them do.

Q: It seems like the transgender population has exploded in recent years. Why is that?

A: It all goes back to the reclassification of gender identity disorder in the DSM-5. The American Psychiatric Association had originally declared transgenderism to be a mental illness in 1980. Then they did an inexplicable reversal in 2012, and stated that it is no longer a mental illness. There is no medical or scientific justification for the change. There was no new evidence or discovery on which the change was based. It was purely a decision made to serve a hidden agenda. Since gender identity disorder, now called gender dysphoria, is officially not a mental illness, it is now considered a medical condition, meaning that it is covered by most insurance plans, and is now included in most anti-discrimination policies. This is basically an invitation for people to try a sex change.

Q: How prevalent is sex-change regret?

A: A lot more than people realize. From what I’ve seen and read, the rate of regret is virtually 100%. Transitioning will only bring a short-term, superficial satisfaction that will inevitably fade away when reality sets in. These people are delusional and they are being exploited. The doctors make a fortune on sex-change treatment, then they make another fortune on reversal treatment. That’s why it’s so unconscionable to perform this treatment on children. Eventually, trans people will accept themselves for who they are. It’s unfortunate that they will have mutilated bodies by the time they do.

 These and other trans-related issues are probed in the book, Transgenda; abuse and regret in the sex-change industry, by Alex P. Serritella.    It paints a far different picture of transgenderism than the one you hear in the news.

Bookstand Publishing, 2016

ISBN 978-1-63498-355-6, $17.95

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