Wednesday, July 25, 2012

None dare call it treason

Title: None dare call it treason (pb 1964) John A. Stormer wrote this book in 1964. I picked it up at a sale in Lakeside--vaguely remembered the title. Here are some of the chapter titles--if the paper weren't brittle I'd think it was a 2012 paperback.
  • The growth of world Communism
  • How has it happened?
  • Education
  • Subverting our religious heritage
  • The press, radio and TV
  • The Organized labor movement
  • The tax-exempt foundations
  • Internationalism
Glancing through this nearly 50 year old book, I see some things haven’t changed much. Particularly, education, the media and tax-exempt foundations. Revising textbooks to eliminate nationalism, taking history out of the early grades, belittling patriotism, and eliminating the Pledge of Allegiance were noted (quotes suggestions from UNESCO).

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