Monday, December 22, 2008

Out the door--cleaning my office

All these titles looked good at the time, but I haven't read them, probably won't. So I've put them in a plastic bag, and they'll go to the library book sale next trip. It's tough culling books.

    And you call yourself a Christian. CCDA. After 2005, but n.d. UALC library freebie box.

    The cardiac arrhythmias. 2d ed. 1975. There's a DVM signature on the inside, so I've probably had this one a decade. Anything about A-fib I need to know I can find on the internet.

    The Christmas train. by David Baldacci. pb. 2004. Bought at the library sale, but never read it. Fiction.

    The complete idiot's guide to football, 2nd ed. 2001. Nothing will ever make me like football, not even reading about it. I bought it used--probably library sale.

    Finding common ground. Moody. 1999. UALC library freebie box.

    Helping people through grief. Bethany. 1987. UALC library freebie box.

    A medical and spiritual guide to living with cancer. 1993. I took out the medical part and just kept the spiritual, so it begins with Ch. 9. New ed. 2004.

    Rewriting writing; a rhetoric and handbook. 1987. Probably from an OSU book sale. I've probably used it a few times.

    Sharing your life mission every day. Zondervan. 2002. UALC library freebie box.

    The sisters have their say. Elm Hill Books. 2005.

    1,001 computer hints and tips. Readers Digest. 2001. Gift.

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