Monday, November 26, 2007

Off the shelves and out the door

A friend and I are challenging each other to remove some of the clutter. We both have a problem clearing books and magazines. These have now gone to the garage; they are inside boxes that I have taped shut. If I peek, I might be talked out of it. The next step is to get them into the van, then off to the Friends of the Library book sale.

In general, there are two categories: computer books that are too old to be useful, and books on the craft of or compilations of the short story. I did a lot of writing of fiction in the early 90s. It was great fun, and I enjoy going back and reading them today (especially since I don't remember how they end!). However, I never did follow the experts' instructions, and barely opened the books (all bought used). Here's my good-bye blog.

    How computers work, by Ron White, 1993.
    PC Novice Guide to computing basics, 1996.
    PC Novice guide to the Internet, 1996.
    Handbook of short story writing, 1970.
    Beginning writer's answer book, rev. 1987.
    Handbook of short story writing, vol. 2, 1988.
    Children's writer's word book. 1992.
    Ways of reading; an anthology for writers. 4th ed. 1996.
    This is my best, Whit Burnett ed. 1942.
    Prize stories 1983 O. Henry awards.
    Short stories from the New Yorker, c. 1940.
    Great expectations, by Dickens, pb 2nd ed. 1948, 1972.
    Kiplinger's retire and thrive, 1995.
    Testimonies, a novel. Patrick O'Brian, c 1952, pb ed. 1995.

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